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Welcome to the website of kennel Bistkupstwo from Czech Republic. We breed borzois - russian hunting sighthounds.

Photo of the week

Křídlovka Bistkupstwo Borzoi Bistkupstwo | Křídlovka Bistkupstwo

Photogallery of the best images from life in Bistkupstwo kennel.

CACIL Galanta, Slovensko 11.9.2021

CACIL Galanta

Excellent results! Lovka 1th place, CACT, CACIL, Ortiga 2th place, Res CACT, Res CACIL and Winer for beauty and performance SK 2021

Show weekend in Mojmíirovce (SK)

Mojmírovce 2021 Borzoi Bistkupstwo | Mojmírovce 2021

In two show in Slovakia we got 4x CAC, Club winner and BOS

Its already 20 years since the first borzoi came to our home. Since that time many russian sighthounds lived with us some for shorter, and some for longer periods of time. We breed Vice-World winner AVAR Bistkupstwo and Veteran World Winner and Winner of World dog show-BOB 2009 APURVA Bistkupstwo. more about us
These days live with us Apurvas granddaughters Ch Lovka and Ch Křídlovka Bistkupstwo and our young Olověnka, Ortiga and Quillaia. our dogs
If you are interested in pictures, visit our photogallery. There are a lot of pictures of our actual dogs, other borzois and reports from events
We are proud of our dogs' successes on dogshows, you can see all Bistkupstwo champions in special section.
Recent photos of our borzois
  • 16. 9. 2021
    Our Karin is veteran! Touday celebrates 8 years. We wish happy birthday also to her siblings from litter K - Bistkupstwo!
  • 11. 9. 2021
    Our Lovka, which was the oldest sighthound starting in this race, won the international coursing in Galanta! Lovenka won CACT and CACIL and in second place behind her was her daughter Ortiga Biskupstwo with the titles Res CACT and Res CACIL and in addition she won the title Winner for Beauty and Performance of Slovakia 2021. We are very proud of our competitors!
  • 18. 8. 2021
    Our competitors Ortiga and Lovka were nominated for the Czech Republic for European coursing in the Netherlands. We hope that the covid situation will allow us to take part in this prestigious race and that we will represent our country well at the end of October.
  • 15. 8. 2021
    Special sighthound show in Mojmírovce (SK): Quillaia Ex3, Quena Ex2 Res CAC, Ortiga Ex1 CAC and Olověnka Ex3 from champion class. Judge Marion Marpe (D).
  • 14. 8. 2021
    CACIB Brno: Onga Bistkupstwo Ex1, Odeta Bistkupstwo Ex1, CAC, Res CACIB and new Czech Champion! Both was showed in working class. Judge Robert Kanás (SK). Congratulations
  • 14. 8. 2021
    Slovakian club show in Mojmírovce(SK): Quillaia "Gina" Ex1, CAC and her sister Quena Ex2 from intermediate class, Ortiga Ex1 CAC from working class and Olověnka from champion class Ex1, CAC, Club winner and BOS. Judge Bart Scheerens (B)
  • 9. 8. 2021
    Our longest living borzoi Fragment Bistkupstwo celebrates 14 years! We wish him all the best and good health for years to come. We thank the owner Katka for the exemplary care and love she gives to our dog.
  • 1. 8. 2021
    CACIL Velká Dobrá: Ortiga Bistkupstwo 2th place, CACT, CACIL, Czech Master 2021; Lovka Bistkupstwo 4th place, only 3 points missig to first place. 11 borzois at start.
  • 25. 7. 2021
    The ceremonial announcement of the V4 CUP 2020 competition, where borzois from our kennel took first places again! Ortiga Bistkupstwo 1st place, V4 CUP Winner! Odeta 3rd place, Lovka 4th place and Olověnka 5th place. We are very proud of our competitors.
  • 25. 7. 2021
    Grand Prix Cup Bratislava: Ortiga Bistkupstwo 2th place, Res CACT, CACIL, Lovka Bistkupstwo 3th place Res CACIL. Lovka was the oldest of all 7 participating bitches!
  • 11. 7. 2021
    Regional show in our village Náměšť na Hané: Onga Bistkupstwo Ex1, winner of class, Regional winner, Quillaia Ex1, winner of class and Pupavka Excellent 2
  • 9. 7. 2021
    2x CACIB Nitra: our young Gina - Quillaia Bistkupstwo 8.7. Ex1, CAC, Res CACIB from judge Iveta Vojteková; 9.7. Ex1 CAC from judge Vlastislav Vojtek.
  • 5. 7. 2021
    NordCoursing CUP, Křeč, CZ: Odesza Bistkupstwo 1th place CACT, Odeta Bistkupstwo 2th place Res CACT, 9 females at start. Congratulations to owners!