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Welcome to the website of kennel Bistkupstwo from Czech Republic. We breed borzois - russian hunting sighthounds.

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We plan next litter with Lovka Borzoi Bistkupstwo | We plan next litter with Lovka

Photogallery of the best images from life in Bistkupstwo kennel.

Svenstavik - Swedish show

Svenstavik, Sweden

Zarwoe won again! At show in Svenstavik he got highest victory with titles BOB and BIG-1! Congratulations to happy owners!

Holiday wind cup Bělečko

Holiday wind cup Borzoi Bistkupstwo | Holiday wind cup

Incredible results and next hattrick for Bistkupstwo: first three places at coursing in Bělečko!

Its already 20 years since the first borzoi came to our home. Since that time many russian sighthounds lived with us some for shorter, and some for longer periods of time. We breed Vice-World winner AVAR Bistkupstwo and Veteran World Winner and Winner of World dog show-BOB 2009 APURVA Bistkupstwo. more about us
These days live with us Apurvas granddaughters Ch Lovka and Ch Křídlovka Bistkupstwo and our young Olověnka, Ortiga and Pestrota. our dogs
If you are interested in pictures, visit our photogallery. There are a lot of pictures of our actual dogs, other borzois and reports from events
We are proud of our dogs' successes on dogshows, you can see all Bistkupstwo champions in special section.
Recent photos of our borzois
  • 11. 8. 2019
    Bělečko: Incredible results and next hattrick for Bistkupstwo borzois: First place with CACT with a big point lead Olověnka, second place and Res CACT Lovka and third place with nice runs Onga Bistkupstwo - from 5 borzois at start. Congratulations!
  • 4. 8. 2019
    Svenstavik, Sweden: Oligarcha "Zarwoe" Bistkupstwo at next Swedish show won Ex1, SW CAC, Nordic certificate, BOB and BIG-1! Judges Barbara Ruth Smith (SWE) and Erin Brown (Australia). Thanks to great breeding presentation and congratulations to proud owners Lykke and Orest!
  • 4. 8. 2019
    Grand Prix CACIL coursing Bratislava: our borzois again confirmed the sports qualities: 1th place, CACT, CACIL Odeta, 2.th place Res CACT and Res CACIL Olověnka, 3.th place Lovka and 6.th place Onga Bistkupstwo!
  • 28. 7. 2019
    Great news from laboratory Laboklin, Onga Bistkupstwo was tested for Degenerative myelopathy (DM) with result N/N - clear! All our borzois for breeding have this test!
  • 27. 7. 2019
    Our Swedish boy Zarwoe (Oligarcha Bistkupstwo) won at prestige Swedish show title Ex1, Certificate quality and BIM Unghund. Judge was borzoi breeder Maja Cosic from Croatia. Congratulations to owners Lykke and Orest!
  • 20. 7. 2019
    CAC Hunnstetten, DE: Our JCh Orzech Bistkupstwo confirm his show quality at next show with 27 borzois at ring: he won Ex1, CAC, Best male and BOB from judge Marco Sistermann (DE). In competition for BIG Orzech was in 2th place. Congratulations to proud owners Maria and Heinz!
  • 7. 7. 2019
    International show in Wisla, Poland: our Olověnka won Ex1, CWC and Res CACIB from Polish judge T. Borkowski. Now she is missing only one Polish CWC for Champion of Poland as for Czech and Slovakian champion titles.
  • 22. 6. 2019
    European lure coursing Estonia: females of our breeding was very succesful at top coursing competition - Odeta 2th place, Res CACIL, Estonian LC certificate, Lovka 7th place, Olověnka 13th place, Ortiga 21th and Lidunka from Poland 29th place from 39 females from all over Europe. Congrats to all!
  • 25. 5. 2019
    Special sighthound show in Konopiště: our Jenka, Olověnka Bistkupstwo, repeated great victory of her mum from 2016y. At this prestige show Jenka won CAC, Winner of Special show, BOB and BIS-2. Her Sister Odeta was 2th with Res CAC from intermediate class. We are very proud of our stars, of course! Judge was Nina Neswadba, Austria.
  • 20. 5. 2019
    We are pleased to announce that 5 our females were nominated for the European coursing in Estonia: Lovka and her daughters Olověnka, Ortiga and Odeta was nominated for the Czech Republic and Lidunka for Poland. Keep fingers friends!
  • 12. 5. 2019
    CACT Velká Dobrá - At National coursing was first places for our girls again! Ortiga 1th place and CACT, Lovka 2. Res CACT and Jenka 4th place from 8 borzois!
  • 3. 5. 2019
    National show Jelesnia, PL: Olověnka Bistkupstwo Ex1, CWC, Best female, BOS; Odeta Bistkupstwo Ex1, CWC; Onga Bistkupstwo Ex1, CWC. Judge Andrzej Szutkiewicz, PL
  • 28. 4. 2019
    Gold rabbit trophy Pardubice: Odeta CACT, CACIL, Best in field! Ortiga 2th Res CACT, Res CACIL, Lovka 3th, Odesza 6th, first race for Olověnka: 8th place and Onga 12th place and Res CACT. 17 borzois at start. Big congrats to all!