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Toyen in news

  • 28. 10. 2023
    We are very proud of our Toyen, she completed her next title C.I.B.-J (International Junior beauty champion)
  • 21. 10. 2023
    New coursing licenses for T-litter ladies: Tangara qualified a month ago, Toyen closed her license with a solo run this week and Tacca started her license runs with a pair run with Gina.
  • 10. 09. 2023
    At IDS in Olomouc, we were represented by three borzoi. We received nice results from the very strict judge from Ireland, Ralph Dunne: Onga Ex 3 in champion class, Sirael Ex 1, CAC from the intermediate class and our Toyen Ex1, CAJC, BOJ and CACIB-Junior from junior class.
  • 26. 08. 2023
    World Dog Show in Geneva: with our new hope Toyen Bistkupstwo we made the long journey to Switzerland for the World Dog Show. We brought back a lot of experiences and also a nice award for our black Toyen: Excellent 3 from the very strict judge Mrs. Lisbet Mach from Switzerland.
  • 20. 08. 2023
    CACIB Bratislava, our Toyen Bistkupstwo results: 18.8. Ex2/3, judge Alenka Pokorn (SLO), 19.8. EX2/3 from judge Fintorová (SK) and 20.8. Ex1, CAC, Res CACIB from judge Urschitz Iris (AT)
  • 19. 08. 2023
    During our stay in Bratislava, we met the brother and father of our Toyen Bistkupstwo. Check out photos of Thereus and Blackie in our photo gallery.
  • 28. 05. 2023
    At the international show in Rzesow, Poland, our Toyen won the last necessary title to fulfill the Junior champion title of Poland. Excellent, Junior winner, CACIB-junior and nomination for the prestigious CRUFTS show got from Ukrainian judge V. Pogodina. She was accompanied by Jenka, who lost all her hair after the deadline, but still took home the Polish CAC and Res CACIB.
  • 29. 04. 2023
    Central European dog show in Konopiště - our young Toyen will be at a real big show for the first time. In the strongly occupied youth class, she received a beautiful review and Excellent 3, right behind our white Sirael Bistkupstwo. There were 6 bitches present in the class and the judge was Bart Scheerens from Belgium.
  • 19. 04. 2023
    Our latest addition - female Toyen Bistkupstwo participated in her first two shows in the junior class. At shows in Raciborz (PL) she won 2x Excellent, 2x Junior Winner and Best junior. Judges: Maria Zasada and Piotr Król. Her friend Rabear Bistkupstwo won 2x CWC and 2x BOB, congratulations to owner Magda!

Toyen Bistkupstwo

C.I.B.-J, Polish Junior champion, CACIL coursing license
Toyen Bistkupstwo
Mother: Ortiga Bistkupstwo
Father: Del sol Sirius Black Coburn WNS

Natal day: 14.5.2022
Breeder: Bistkupstwo
Owner: Bistkupstwo
Our latest addition female Toyen Bistkupstwo. In an unconventional black color, but traditionally we hope for a coursing career for this daughter of our Ortiga and Blackie. Both parents have great coursing careers.
We tried the first shows in Poland with the aim of achieving the title of Junior champion of Poland. Toyen did more than well at both shows, so we entered the nearest international show in Poland. The journey to Rzesow was very long, but it paid off, Toyen performed beautifully and won the last needed title of Junior champion, plus a new CACIB-junior title and a CRUFTS nomination.
The show career of young Toyen continues in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic. In Slovakia, exhibited for the first time in the intermediate class, she received her first CAC and Res CACIB and in Olomouc at the international show she won her second CACIB-Junior. And the third victory needed to complete the title International Junior Beauty Champion (C.I.B.-J) was won in Bratislava in October 28th.
At the age of 18 months, Toyen received her CACIL coursing license, we look forward to racing next year.