Bistkupstwo kennel

  • foundation: 2.4. 2001
  • owner: Vojtěch Zapletal

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  • author: Ondřej Zapletal
  • launch: March 13 2001

How do you find us?

History of Bistkupswo

about foundation of kennel Bistkupstwo

In our family there was always some dog. First they were all without any pedigree, just to have a pet for kids. Then in 1997 my husband made his dream come true and bought a first borzoi. Until this time, we knew what borzoi is from an old postcard with white and golden dog laying on the table under glass. That is how we first met our first borzoi Polly.

First we didn’t plan any dogshows or breeding, we were completely new at this, and truthfully didn’t know that much about it. Then we tried our first show, we saw all the diferent colors and types of borzois and that somehow took our attention. However Polly didn’t like the shows much, so we decided to get her a friend – red Award ze Silva Taroucca. As we say, until then there was Polly bored at home, now they were two. We knew Award was a show-type since the first dogshow, during short period of time he became Junior Champion in the Czech Republic and his career was looking to be very bright. Unfortunately until it was stopped by TORZO ŽALUDKU. Not even operation saved Award and he left us forever, he was just year and a half old. I think this was the moment that left us thinking about founding a breeding station and having our own puppies.

historic map showing the old Bistkupstwo village
historic map showing the old Bistkupstwo village
We are often asked what the name Bistkupstwo means. The street we live in, has a name Biskupství, which basicly describes the fact that this part of town was owned by bishops from nearby Olomouc city. In old bookes we looked up the original name of our part of town – BISTKUPSTWO. The spelling little differs from the current name of the street as it is written in very old Czech. Unfortunately some still make mistakes when writing down the name of our kennel.

in Náměšť na Hané 28.12.2007
Ludmila Zapletalová