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Lidunka in news

  • 15. 05. 2022
    Congratulations to the Kuczyński family, whose Quadriga Bistkupstwo completed the title of Polish Champion! Her companion, Lidunka Bistkupstwo, also received her new diploma, as she became the Veteran Champion of Poland. We send congratulations to the owners in Poland!
  • 27. 10. 2019
    Results of V4 Cup 2019 - the first three places for our females: 1. Odeta Bistkupstwo 2. Ortiga Bistkupstwo 3. Lovka Bistkupstwo. Our Onga ranked third in the male evaluation! It is already the third year, whose winners were females from our breeding: in 2017 the winner was Lidunka Bistkupstwo, in 2018 Lovka Bistkupstwo and in 2019 Odeta Bistkupstwo! We are very proud of our borzois!
  • 22. 06. 2019
    European lure coursing Estonia: females of our breeding was very succesful at top coursing competition - Odeta 2th place, Res CACIL, Estonian LC certificate, Lovka 7th place, Olověnka 13th place, Ortiga 21th and Lidunka from Poland 29th place from 39 females from all over Europe. Congrats to all!
  • 20. 05. 2019
    We are pleased to announce that 5 our females were nominated for the European coursing in Estonia: Lovka and her daughters Olověnka, Ortiga and Odeta was nominated for the Czech Republic and Lidunka for Poland. Keep fingers friends!
  • 23. 06. 2018
    EU coursing Denmark: Lovka was 17th and Lidunka 24th from 35 females at start from over Europe.
  • 27. 05. 2017
    CACIL Warszawa, PL: Lidunka Bistkupstwo win CACT and CACIL from 6 borzois-mix at start. Congratulation!
  • 10. 05. 2017
    By reason of technical problems was mistaken result from coursing in Kolesa. Corrected results: Lovka first place, CACIL, CACT, Lidunka 5th place. Lovka is really cooursing star at this year!
  • 07. 05. 2017
    Gold Rabbit Trophy, Kladruby-Kolesa, CACIL, CACT (CZ): Lovka 2th place,Res CACT, Res CACIL, Lidunka 6th place, Křídlovka 7th place and Lesněnka 9th place. 10 females at start.
  • 11. 12. 2016
    New champion title for Bistkupstwo female: Lidunka became a Champion of Poland! Congratulations to family Kuczyński, Poland!
  • 22. 10. 2016
    Napoleonow, Poland: Great race with great results for our girls: Lesněnka 2th, place, Res CACT, Res CACIL, Lovka 3th place, Lidunka 5th place from 14 borzois!

Lidunka Bistkupstwo

Polish veteran champion, Champion of Poland, PL coursing CH, Junior Ch of Poland
Lidunka Bistkupstwo
Mother: Hanaczka Bistkupstwo
Father: Rusich Baskak

Natal day: 31.12.2013
Breeder: Bistkupstwo
Owner: Rafal Kuczynski, Poland