siblings: litter J Bistkupstwo

Jurajskij in news

  • 25. 05. 2016
    At 18th June will be European coursing 2016 at Slovakia. We have nominated 3 females from our kennel - Lovka, Lesněnka and Křídlovka from Czech Republic. From Poland will be there also Lidunka and Jurajskij Bistkupstwo!
  • 30. 04. 2016
    CACIL coursing Moszna, Poland: from 19 runing borzois are our Křídlovka 12th, Lidunka 9th, Lovka 8th, Jurajskij 6th and Lesněnka 5th place.
  • 07. 06. 2015
    Our Jurajskij became a FCI European Lure Coursing Champion 2015! He won first place at European coursing championship in Finland! Big congratulations to Jurajskij owners Agata and Darek from kennel Z Jurajskich Biskupic, Poland!
  • 29. 06. 2014
    FCI European Coursing Championship 2014, Lavarone, Italia: Ch Jurajskij Bistkupstwo 5th place from 38 males in start! Big congratulations to Agata and Darek Juszczyk!!
  • 06. 04. 2014
    Successful coursing in Brno: Jurajskij Bistkupstwo 1th place, CACT and his 3th CACIL, Jelizaveta 5th place and Hanaczka 8th place from 11 females! Congratulations!
  • 26. 10. 2013
    Next success of our Jurajskij at coursing! He won CACIL and was best borzoi runner in coursing Pich bei Wels!
  • 21. 10. 2013
    Next champion title for Bistkupstwo collection: our Jurajskij became a Polish champion! Congratulations!
  • 10. 08. 2013
    Very successful weekend in Slovakia! On Club show our borzois got very nice results - Coda Ex1, CAC, Hanaczka Ex1, CAC, Jurajskij Ex2, Res CAC and our veteran Dahlia Ex1, Club winner, BOS and BIS1-veteran. Next day on coursing Jelizaveta was 3th and Hanaczka 5th from 14 females. Hany was also 3th on Beauty and Performance. Congratulations to all our borzois!
  • 13. 04. 2013
    Next successful weekend for Bistkupstwo: Jurajskij got 2xCWC and best couple with Nela, BOB and BIG-1 on two shows in Konopiska and our Coda got second CAJC and BOJ on the show in Ostrava. Congratulations!
  • 06. 04. 2013
    Congratulations to our Jurajskij Bistkupstwo who win CAC and Res CACIB in Austrian Wieselburg! Judge: Darko Petreski, CRO

Jurajskij Bistkupstwo

Polish champion, Junior Ch of Slovakia and Poland, BOB, BIG-1, Res CACIB, coursing: C.I.C FCI European Lure Coursing Champion Helsinki, FINLAND 2015 5th FCI European Lure Coursing Championships ? Lavarone, ITALY 2014 Polish LC Champion 2015 Czech LC Champion 2015 V4 CUP Winner 2014 Grand Prix Bratislava 2014 Polish Lure Coursing Champion 2013, Czech Republic Lure Coursing Champion 2013 10 x CACIL
Jurajskij Bistkupstwo
Mother: Borscana Wolverine
Father: Rabarbar z Jurajskich Biskupic

Natal day: 11.4.2011
Breeder: Bistkupstwo
Owner: A. Juszczyk, PL
Jurajskij Bistkupstwo lives in Poland with his father Rabarbar in the kennel Z Jurajskich Biskupic. He is an excellent coursing runner and he is also very successful at shows. He is our first most successful coursing runner, in 2015 he became the European Coursing Champion from Finland.