Cupressus Bistkupstwo

Slovakian champion, 1. place TOP 10 Slovakia 2005, 1. place TOP 10 Slovakia 2006, Best male TOP 10 Slovakia 2007, Grand champion of Slovakia
Cupressus Bistkupstwo
Mother: Polly z Palatinu Moravia
Father: Amur Nevskyj Variage Gold

Natal day: 21.2. 2004
Breeder: Bistkupstwo
Owner: Vojtech Schmiedt
Cupressus lived in Slovakian kennel Tschaikowskij with our best friend Vojtech and Marta. Cupress was very successful borzoi in Slovakia, he was Slovakian champion, Slovakian grandchampion and he won 2x first place in TOP10 Slovakia and 1x first place in TOP10 borzoi-males.