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Hanaczka in news

  • 31. 01. 2015
    New pictures of our white girls Hany and Lovka
  • 24. 10. 2014
    Big succes in big show! European dog show in Brno (CZ): Hanaczka Bistkupstwo Ex1, CAC, New Czech champion! Coda Highlands Heart - Ex1, CAC, Res CACIB from 6 females in champion class! "Wolfi" Borscana Wolverine - Ex1, Best veteran, European veteran winner 2014!! Excellent end of our show seasone...
  • 07. 09. 2014
    Show weekend in Poland, Czestochowa: Křídlovka Ex2 from 5 females and Ex2 from 6 females in ring. Hanaczka 2x CWC and Best working dog, Coda 2x Excellent 3
  • 31. 08. 2014
    Mladá Boleslav - next successful weekend. At CACIB show our Karin - Křídlovka Bistkupstwo got her first CAJC and BOJ and Hanaczka next Czech CAC.
  • 10. 08. 2014
    National show in Hungarian Velence: our Hany got last needed CAC for hungarian Champion title! Judge: Dr. Miklos Levente
  • 13. 07. 2014
    Show weekend in abroad: CACIB Oberwart and CACIB Szombathely: our Hany got 2x CAC and 2x Res CACIB, now missing only one CAC for Hungarian and one CAC for Austrian champion titles. First show for Lidunka Bistkupstwo - at CACIB in Warszawa she got Very promissing and Best puppy from judge Andrzej Szutkiewicz. Congratulations!
  • 22. 06. 2014
    Intercanis Brno: Coda: Ex1, CAC, CAC ČMKU, CACIB - New Champion ČMKU! Hanaczka Ex 1 from working class. Judge: M. Guniš, SK
  • 07. 06. 2014
    Special sighthound show in Namest n/O: Coda Ex1 CAC from champion class, Hanaczka Ex1, CAC from working class and Klapovka Very promissing 1 from Finish judge Harto Stocmari
  • 06. 04. 2014
    Successful coursing in Brno: Jurajskij Bistkupstwo 1th place, CACT and his 3th CACIL, Jelizaveta 5th place and Hanaczka 8th place from 11 females! Congratulations!
  • 07. 09. 2013
    Club show KCHaPB, Cz: Hanaczka Excellent 1, CAC from working class, Coda Excellent 3 from judge Zdenka Holmerová, CZ

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Hanaczka Bistkupstwo

Czech Champion, Austrian Champion,Hungarian Champion, Polish champion, Slovakian Champion, C.I.B., Best female, BOB, BOS, Nomination for Crufts, Coursing licence (CACT, 2x Res CACT, 2x Res CACIL, Master of Morav)
Hanaczka Bistkupstwo
Mother: Apurva Bistkupstwo
Father: Solovyev Lichny Podarok dlja Contra Lege

Natal day: 30.11.2008
Breeder: Bistkupstwo
Owner: Bistkupstwo