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Quillaia in news

  • 26. 01. 2023
    In the middle of 2023 we are planning a new litter with our Gina (CH Quillaia Bistkupstwo)
  • 23. 10. 2022
    Adamov, SK - the last race of this season. Our girls managed the race even after a 5000 km journey to the north of Sweden. Gina - Quillaia placed second just one point behind the first female, receiving Res CACT and Res CACIL. Eliška - Odesza 4th place and Tiga - Ortiga 5th place out of 10 participating borzois - mix. Congratulations to all!
  • 08. 10. 2022
    CACT Orlov - the last Czech race of this season, our white bullets shone again: Tiga - Ortiga ran 1st place and CACT, Gina - Quillaia 2nd place and Res CACT, 10 borzois at start of which 4 females.
  • 17. 09. 2022
    CACT coursing in Křeč: Our girls showed that their racing career is not over yet: Ortiga 1st place in CACT, Czech Master! Quillaia "Gina" 2nd place, Res CACT, Odesza 4th place out of five competing bitches.
  • 10. 09. 2022
    After a long time, we visited with our borzoi club show. Sirael Bistkupstwo, for the first time in the junior class, won the class with a very promising 1 and became the best junior. Our Gina (Quillaia) won the honour class with Excellent 1 and Odeta in working class Ex 1, CAC, Best female and BOB! Odeta fulfied title Club Ch. 44 borzoi were present at the exhibition, judged by Mr. Fr. Bouček. Congratulations to owners!
  • 12. 06. 2022
    Nitra CACIB: New champion in our kennel! Today our Gina (Quillaia Bistkupstwo) fulfilled the conditions for the title of Slovak Champion of Beauty, congratulations!
  • 15. 08. 2021
    Special sighthound show in Mojmírovce (SK): Quillaia Ex3, Quena Ex2 Res CAC, Ortiga Ex1 CAC and Olověnka Ex3 from champion class. Judge Marion Marpe (D).
  • 11. 07. 2021
    Regional show in our village Náměšť na Hané: Onga Bistkupstwo Ex1, winner of class, Regional winner, Quillaia Ex1, winner of class and Pupavka Excellent 2
  • 09. 07. 2021
    2x CACIB Nitra: our young Gina - Quillaia Bistkupstwo 8.7. Ex1, CAC, Res CACIB from judge Iveta Vojteková; 9.7. Ex1 CAC from judge Vlastislav Vojtek.
  • 17. 09. 2020
    CACIB Nitra - first day: Our Lovka got CAC, CACIB and BOS and she is now C.I.B.P. - International champion for beauty and performance. We are very proud of her. Also her daughter Quillaia "Gina" was successful, got Ex1, CAJC and Junior BOB.

Quillaia Bistkupstwo

Slovakian beauty champion, CAC, Res CAC, Res CACIB, CAJC, Junior BOB, coursing licence - Res CACT, Res CACIL
Quillaia Bistkupstwo
Mother: Lovka Bistkupstwo
Father: Estet Classic Valentin SG

Natal day: 17.11.2019
Breeder: Bistkupstwo
Owner: Bistkupstwo
"Gina"- this is our youngest member of the pack. She is actually the sister of Jenka and Tiga, because she has the same parents as them, only she is two years younger. Gina is playfull, she always disassembles something, she prefers mattresses and beds and toys ... She is very devoted and obedient.
We chose Gina as another representative of our sports club "Bílá tíseň". Gina easily fulfilled her coursing license and managed to run some races before the coronavirus pandemic. She is not running badly, but her character is still very playful, so we will wait until she calms down with the next race.
Gina has participated in several shows abroad and holds Hungarian CAC and three Slovak CAC. Unfortunately, other shows have been canceled or reduced due to the Covid plague, so we have to wait for better times before completing the championships.
12.6.2022 Gina fulfilled the conditions for the title of Slovak Champion of Beauty, congratulations!
Gina is DM clear- tested and at 2023 we are planing her first litter.