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Ortiga in news

  • 24. 10. 2021
    European lure coursing in Ronostrand (NL) - this race was a farewell to our sports career for our Lovka, because at the end of the year she will celebrate 8 years and according to the new rules she can no longer race. Lovka became a living legend at this race, recognized and praised by people from all over Europe, she was also the oldest borzoi in this sporting event. She did not do badly at all, she finished in a beautiful 18th place out of 32 bitches. Ortiga was in 23th place.
  • 10. 10. 2021
    One good news replaces another, we don't have time to exchange news! We fought again at the Slovak coursing and our kennel got first 4 places like in the old days! The biggest surprise was again our Lovka, who was the oldest to receive CACT and CACIL, followed by her great daughters Odeta, Odesza and Ortiga! Again, we proved that the results of our dogs are not a coincidence.
  • 30. 09. 2021
    Another championship for our kennel - this time it is working for Ortiga, who became the Czech working champion. Congratulations to Tiga and we wish her good luck at next coursing races!
  • 25. 09. 2021
    CACIB Komárom, second day: On Saturday the results were even better, when Gina received Excellent 1, CAC, Ortiga Excellent 1, CAC and Res CACIB (passes after her sister to CACIB) and Olověnka Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB and BIG-2, at the same time fulfilled the conditions for the title of Hungarian Champion. Judge: Muzslai Ildikó, HU.
  • 24. 09. 2021
    CACIB Komárom, Hungary: We went with the three sisters across the Danube to a three-day show. On Friday Gina was awarded Excellent 3, Ortiga Exc.1, CAC, Olověnka Exc.1 CAC from Hungarian judge Robert Kotlár.
  • 11. 09. 2021
    Our Lovka, which was the oldest sighthound starting in this race, won the international coursing in Galanta! Lovenka won CACT and CACIL and in second place behind her was her daughter Ortiga Biskupstwo with the titles Res CACT and Res CACIL and in addition she won the title Winner for Beauty and Performance of Slovakia 2021. We are very proud of our competitors!
  • 18. 08. 2021
    Our competitors Ortiga and Lovka were nominated for the Czech Republic for European coursing in the Netherlands. We hope that the covid situation will allow us to take part in this prestigious race and that we will represent our country well at the end of October.
  • 15. 08. 2021
    Special sighthound show in Mojmírovce (SK): Quillaia Ex3, Quena Ex2 Res CAC, Ortiga Ex1 CAC and Olověnka Ex3 from champion class. Judge Marion Marpe (D).
  • 01. 08. 2021
    CACIL Velká Dobrá: Ortiga Bistkupstwo 2th place, CACT, CACIL, Czech Master 2021; Lovka Bistkupstwo 4th place, only 3 points missig to first place. 11 borzois at start.
  • 25. 07. 2021
    The ceremonial announcement of the V4 CUP 2020 competition, where borzois from our kennel took first places again! Ortiga Bistkupstwo 1st place, V4 CUP Winner! Odeta 3rd place, Lovka 4th place and Olověnka 5th place. We are very proud of our competitors.

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Ortiga Bistkupstwo

Hungarian CH, Czech working champion, Winner Beauty and performance SK 2021, Czech master 2021, V4 cup Winner 2020, CACIL, CACT, Coursing Master of Czech Republic 2019, Res CACT, Res CACIL, coursing licence, BOB, CACIB, Res CACIB,CAC, Res CAC
Ortiga Bistkupstwo
Mother: Lovka Bistkupstwo
Father: Estet Classic Valentin SG

Natal day: 18.09.2017
Breeder: Bistkupstwo
Owner: Bistkupstwo
Ortiga "Tiga"
is another white princess in our kennel.
When she was little puppy, we chose her and Jenka to keep both of us in our new pack. Then we reviewed the situation and the number of dogs in our house and decided to leave only one of them. At the age of 2 months, Tiga was sold to new owners in the Czech Republic. 
Unfortunately after three months she returned to our home. First we wanted to sell her, but every little moment she was getting closer and closer to our hearts and eventually Tiga would stay at our home. 
Most of all, her sister Jenka welcomed this novelty and they became inseparable friends.
Tiga is a playful, nice and obedient girl and is very active.
She is probably not a big show star, even if it is a full teeth with the right scissor bite and has no mistake against the standard.
At the February exhibition in Brno, the strickt Portuguese judge Mrs. Marion Gabriela Veiga awarded her excellent 2, Res CAC.
We are hoping for her sport career and soon we want go to first coursing race with her.
After the license Tiga participated in many races, represented the Czech Republic at European coursing in Estonia, where was 1th in first run to the top 40 best bitches from Europe. Unfortunately, in the second run she was damaged by an incorrect ranking of one of the Nordic judge and ended in 21st place. After this race she participated in other races with nice results CACT, Res CACT, Res CACIL and at the nomination race in Orlov (CZ) even got the first place and the title Master of Czech Republic 2019.
At first coursing race in 2020 (CACIL Adamov, SK) she won again in big competition (12 females at start)- 1th place, CACT and CACIL. She also became the winner of the V4 Cup for 2020. Tiga is also Czech working champion.
At 2021 we decided showing our Tiga also in  shows. From Slovakia she has 2x CAC and from Hungary 3x CAC,Res CACIB, CACIB and BOB. She fulfiled title Hungarian champion. At 2022 we plan next sport litter in our kennel with Tiga.