siblings: litter J Bistkupstwo

Jurajskij in news

  • 25. 05. 2016
    At 18th June will be European coursing 2016 at Slovakia. We have nominated 3 females from our kennel - Lovka, Lesněnka and Křídlovka from Czech Republic. From Poland will be there also Lidunka and Jurajskij Bistkupstwo!
  • 30. 04. 2016
    CACIL coursing Moszna, Poland: from 19 runing borzois are our Křídlovka 12th, Lidunka 9th, Lovka 8th, Jurajskij 6th and Lesněnka 5th place.
  • 07. 06. 2015
    Our Jurajskij became a FCI European Lure Coursing Champion 2015! He won first place at European coursing championship in Finland! Big congratulations to Jurajskij owners Agata and Darek from kennel Z Jurajskich Biskupic, Poland!
  • 29. 06. 2014
    FCI European Coursing Championship 2014, Lavarone, Italia: Ch Jurajskij Bistkupstwo 5th place from 38 males in start! Big congratulations to Agata and Darek Juszczyk!!
  • 06. 04. 2014
    Successful coursing in Brno: Jurajskij Bistkupstwo 1th place, CACT and his 3th CACIL, Jelizaveta 5th place and Hanaczka 8th place from 11 females! Congratulations!
  • 26. 10. 2013
    Next success of our Jurajskij at coursing! He won CACIL and was best borzoi runner in coursing Pich bei Wels!
  • 21. 10. 2013
    Next champion title for Bistkupstwo collection: our Jurajskij became a Polish champion! Congratulations!
  • 10. 08. 2013
    Very successful weekend in Slovakia! On Club show our borzois got very nice results - Coda Ex1, CAC, Hanaczka Ex1, CAC, Jurajskij Ex2, Res CAC and our veteran Dahlia Ex1, Club winner, BOS and BIS1-veteran. Next day on coursing Jelizaveta was 3th and Hanaczka 5th from 14 females. Hany was also 3th on Beauty and Performance. Congratulations to all our borzois!
  • 13. 04. 2013
    Next successful weekend for Bistkupstwo: Jurajskij got 2xCWC and best couple with Nela, BOB and BIG-1 on two shows in Konopiska and our Coda got second CAJC and BOJ on the show in Ostrava. Congratulations!
  • 06. 04. 2013
    Congratulations to our Jurajskij Bistkupstwo who win CAC and Res CACIB in Austrian Wieselburg! Judge: Darko Petreski, CRO

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Jurajskij Bistkupstwo

Polish champion, Junior Ch of Slovakia and Poland, BOB, BIG-1, Res CACIB, coursing: C.I.C FCI European Lure Coursing Champion Helsinki, FINLAND 2015 5th FCI European Lure Coursing Championships ? Lavarone, ITALY 2014 Polish LC Champion 2015 Czech LC Champion 2015 V4 CUP Winner 2014 Grand Prix Bratislava 2014 Polish Lure Coursing Champion 2013, Czech Republic Lure Coursing Champion 2013 10 x CACIL
Jurajskij Bistkupstwo
Mother: Borscana Wolverine
Father: Rabarbar z Jurajskich Biskupic

Natal day: 4.11.2011
Breeder: Bistkupstwo
Owner: A. Juszczyk, PL
Jurajskij Bistkupstwo lives in Poland with his father Rabarbar in kennel Z Jurajskich Biskupic. Jurajskij is excellent coursing runner and he is also  very successful at shows.