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Borscana Wolverine

Polish champion
Borscana Wolverine
Natal day: 18.3.2006
Father: Moryjak Wild is the Wind
Mother: Apurva Bistkupstwo
Breeder: Borscana (SWE)
Owner: Bistkupstwo
Habitation: Náměšť na Hané (CZE)
How is she called: Wolfi
  The youngest member of our hunt - Borscana Wolverine - is imported from Swedish kennel Borscana. She's been living with us just for a while, but it is already clear that she is going to be a full member of our family. She is appropriately dainty, she is showing her attachment and love, but she also loves wild plays with her cousine Egon. Although her teeth are just now changing, she bites all that she founds in her way
We thank very much to Lize and Rickard for this beautiful little grey gift...